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July 10, 2010

Version 3.0 of our software has been released featuring a redesigned graphical user interface.

Tabbed panes are now used for each opened file in both Calcugator and CavePaint. CavePaint has now support for layers.

The following functions have been added: cd(), chdir(), cmd(), copy(), cp(), dir(), erase(), grep(), hermitian(), jacobiang(), ls(), pwd(), replaceArgument(), rm(), toString()

Exception handling has been added to the language supported by functions throw() and exception() as well as the new language keywords try and catch.

October 22, 2008

Calcugator 2.0 has been released featuring these enhancements:

  1. A Symbolic Toolkit

    This toolkit introduces differentiable functions and the following new library functions:

    • compose(). Expands function compositions.
    • curl(). Computes the curl (rotational) of a function.
    • derivative(). Computes derivatives.
    • divergence(). Computes the divergence of a function.
    • gradient(). Computes the gradient of a function.
    • jacobian(). Computes the Jacobian of a function.
    • laplacian(). Computes the Laplacian of a function.
    • partial(). Computes partial derivatives.
    • simplify(). Simplifies expressions.
    • taylor(). Computes the Taylor expansion of a function.
    • totalderivative(). Computes the total derivative of a function.
  2. New Mathematical functions

    • beta(). The beta function.
    • betai(). The incomplete beta function.
    • csc(). Trigonometric cosecant function.
    • gamma(). The gamma function.
    • gamaic(). The lower incomplete gamma function.
    • gamaic(). The upper incomplete gamma function.
    • gammal(). Logarithm of the gamma function.
    • sec(). Trigonometric secant function.
  3. New Miscellaneous functions

    • comp(). Helper function to use in custom sorting.
    • magicsquare(). Generation of magic square matrices.
    • mortgage(). Compute monthly payments.
  4. New Statistical functions

    • chi2_totable(). Utility to create tables.
    • chi2_yates(). Same as function chi2_independent() but uses the Yates correction.
    • ht_twosample_tnonpooled_w(). A variation of ht_twosample_tnonpooled().
  5. Programming

    • argumentName(). Utility for the symbolic toolkit.
    • global. New keyword.
    • isDifferentiable(). Utility.
    • isVoid(). Utility.
    • numberOfArguments(). Utility for the symbolic toolkit.
    • parse(). Utility to parse expressions.
    • void. New keyword.
  6. Function updates

    • chi2_independent(). Function now adds checks.
    • sort(). Second optional argument added for custom sorting.
    • Distribution "NegativeBinomial" has been modified to match Wikipedia documentation.
    • Distribution "NegativeBinomial_2" has been added. This version uses a different nomenclature.
  7. Language changes

    The are a few language changes with the objective to make the Calcugator language more flexible.

    • The concept of a void value has been introduced. Functions can now return a void value and your programs can test the value using the isVoid() function.
    • The concept of simple functions and programs has been introduced. Simple functions are user-defined programs that make no use of curly brackets. Simple function could be differentiable and used able to be processed by the symbolic toolkit.
    • When parsing simple functions, the parser also looks into the global scope.
    • When parsing programs (functions using curly brackets), the parser resolves symbols in the local scope of the function. To access global symbols you should use the global keyword.
  8. User interface

    A few changes were made to the user interface.

    • A new license processing is in place to make easier the launching of the program.
    • An error reporting tool can be accessed from the Tools->Report Problem... menu option.

January 1, 2006

Moscazul Software Llc gets the rights to license Calcugator 1.0 and CavePaint 1.0. Both programs are licensed under a new model based on registration/passwords which are checked when the program starts running.

April 20, 2003

Added first set of Inferential Statistical functions. The Statistics Toolkit now covers 100% of most of the undergraduate textbooks used in American universities. The added functions are: normalscores(), linearreg_ht_nor(), linearreg_ana(), linearreg_res(), linearreg_ci_mea(), linearreg_ci_slo(), linearreg_ci_pin(), linearreg_ht_slo(), linearreg_ht_reg(), anova_ht_oneway(), anova_ci_tukey(), anova_ht_kruskal(), chi2_table(), chi2_goodness(), chi2_independent(), ht_onesample_std(), ht_twosample_std(), ci_onesample_std(), ci_twosample_std(), ci_onesample_pro(), ci_onesample_reqsize(), ci_twosample_pro(), ci_twosample_reqsize(), ht_onesample_pro(), ht_twosample_pro(), ci_onesample_z(), ci_onesample_t(), ci_onesample_zreqsize(), ci_twosample_tnonpooled(), ci_twosample_tpaired(), ci_twosample_tpooled(), ht_onesample_t(), ht_onesample_wilcoxon(), ht_onesample_z(), ht_onesample_ztypeIIerror(), ht_twosample_mannwhitney(), ht_twosample_tnonpooled(), ht_twosample_tpaired(), ht_twosample_pairedwilcoxon(), ht_twosample_tpooled(), ht_onesample_zpower(). These functions compute confidence intervals, perform hypothesis tests, and provide miscellaneous utilities.

March 12, 2003

The web site has been upgraded. Documentation pages were reorganized. In order to reduce the download time, pages are now smaller with less number of graphics. Existing graphics were cropped or better compression alternatives were selected.

February 16, 2003

Version 1.0_7 is available for download. This version features a new Statistics/Probability toolkit that includes the following functions:
distribution(), pdf(), pdfinfo(), cdf(), leftTail(), rightTail(), variate(), histogram(), median(), mode(), geometricMean(), harmonicMean(), rootMeanSquare(), quantile(), quantileInverse(), range(), sum(), variance(), varianceMLE, standardDeviation(), meanDeviation(), moment(), skew(), kurtosis(), kstatistics(), zeroMean(), standarize(), kurtosisExcess(), trimmedMean(), covariance(), covarianceMLE(), correlation(), autocorrelation(), and sample(). The random number generation now uses the Mersenne Twister algorithm.

The Linear Algebra toolkit has been enhanced with the following functions:
echelon(), echelonr(), lugetL(), lugetU(), lugetP(), nullsapce(), nullity(), columnspace(), rowspace(), span(), independent() solven(), inner(), angle(), projection(), cholesky(), and orthonormal().

Other utilities include:
printf(), sprintf(), rowtimesadd(), isZero(), isUnity, isDiagonal(), joinright(), joinbottom(), vandermonde(), rowswap(), isPositiveDefinite(), isSymmetric(), isDistribution(), isContinousDistribution(), isDiscreteDistribution(), grabplot(), grabplot3D(), and grabChart().

The following functions have been deprecated:
window3D(), label3D(), legend3D(), window(), label(), legend(), select(), binonmial(), poisson(), stdN(), and stdN1(). All have been replaced by options or other functions.

The Calcugator language now accepts do-while, switch statements, ++/-- operators, and it has the ability to create functions inside functions. Functions may return function objects too. Also, during function definitions, symbols will be searched in the global scope.

This version also comes with GUI enhancements and bug fixes. There is now support to run the notebook and edit all commands. Ouput of matrix and array has been enhanced too. Entering commands with a semicolon cancels the echo of the command. This option is useful because it allows generating big arrays or matrices without filling the output pane with data.

The online documentation for this release is in place including more examples.

September 29, 2002

Version 1.0_6 is available for download. The tracing facility in 2D and 3D plots has been improved. Users may now trace the values on 3D surfaces. Option "view" has been added to the the list of plotting options in 3D.

September 15, 2002

Buttons to control zoom, pan, select, etc. were added to the plot frames. Options "xrad" and "yrad" were added to the plot function. Function plot3D has an enhanced "scale" option, and new options "graymap", "lightintensity" and "transparency".

September 7, 2002

A set of options for 2D and 3D plots were added. Users may now set the colors of the background and the canvas of the plot; draw frames, place custom tickmarks and draw two new types of markers. Markers can also be placed starting at an offset position and a custom spacing. For 3D plots now the user can set the position of the light. Also, colormaps are supported. The option contour now accepts values to define the number and position of the contour lines.

August 29, 2002

Added panel to help specify formatting options. A Tools menu has been added in the menu bar. Fixed a bug introduced after implementing the PostScript export option.

August 20, 2002

Added option to export graphics to PostScript format. Also, minor enhancements to the plotting engine have been made (downloadable version only.) A bug related to parsing exponential numbers has been fixed.

May 12, 2002

Added functions input, input_matrix and input_array. These functions are available only in the downloadable version. Buttons to use those functions were also added to the toolbar.

March 25, 2002

Download Version 1.0 is launched.

January 12, 2002

After a busy period, the stand alone version of the Calcugator version 1.0 is almost ready for download.

November 30, 2001

Completed the total transition from HTML to PHP. Still we use JavaScript for several client-side activities. An online internationalization tool is also in place. See the Translation Info in the home page for more information.

October 15, 2001.

Added a link to graphics gallery page.

September 17, 2001.

Added function pie to create pie charts and added function xychart to create x-y charts. The pie facility offers several customization options using the mouse.

September 1, 2001.

Made enhancements to the graphics modules. Besides the color names, any other color can be specified using a string of type #gggggg, where g is a digit or the letters 'a' to 'f'.
Option "swap" was added to the plot function. Labels for the y axis are now printed vertically. Option "scale" was added to plot3D. This option allows scaling the z axis.
Added functions barchart and boxwhiskers for data presentation. Also added function pareto to create Pareto charts.

August 14, 2001.

Extended function plot3D to plot raw data (z values in a mesh of points). Made minor improvements in rendering graphics.

August 01, 2001.

Extended function solve to handle a system of linear equations with non square matrix of coefficients.
Added QR and Singular Value decompositions; available functions are qrgetQ, qrgetR, svdgetS, svdgetU and svdgetV.

July 20, 2001.

Added matrix functions norm1, norm2, normf, norminf, cond and rank. Added linear algebra functions mpow, mlog, msqrt and mexp.

July 7, 2001.

Added matrix functions eigenvalues, eigenmatrix, row and column.

July 1, 2001.

Added matrix algebra functions trace, determinant, minor, cofactor, solve and isHermitian. Also were added educational functions minormatrix, rowtimes, rowadd. Former function trace was renamed select.

June 21, 2001.

Added vector function normalize and the xor operator. Extended function random and added functions randommatrix, swap, and submatrix.

June 15, 2001.

Updated documentation; fixed typos. Added error message for Netscape/SGI Java implementation which fails in NumberFormat class.

June 05, 2001.

Implemented predicate funcions denominator and numerator. Implemented array funcions join, apply, findall and matchcount.

May 30, 2001.

Implemented predicates, insert, remove and probability density functions snd, poisson and binomial.

May 17, 2001.

Implemented statistical/probability functions factorial, combination, coin, dice, die and fibonacci.
Implemented list/stack functionality for array objects with basic functionality to pop, push, peek, popf, pushf and peekf. Documentation is being prepared.

May 10, 2001.

Implemented logic operator -> and function truthtable to be used with boolean functions. Implemented search functions find and match. Implemented linear algebra functions matrix, matrixd, subarray, logarray, reverse. Documentation is being prepared.

May 07, 2001.

Implemented merging of files. Users may now write functions and save them in a file for later use in any other Calcugator session.

April 30, 2001.

Fixed a bug related to the evaluation of expressions of type f(f(f(x))).

April 21, 2001.

Fixed a bug related to the behaviour of the Stop button. A flag was not properly restored in the code.

April 12, 2001.

Added functions linearreg, lcm, gcm, round, fix, size, array, angle, log10, mean, sort, stdN, stdN1,random.

April 07, 2001.

Fixed a bug in matrix inverse. Completed documentation for 2D plots. Improved mouse behaviour in 2D and 3D plots.

March 30, 2001.

Fixed saving, opening and printing for the IE browser.

March 21 - April 21, 2001.

Inaugural month of the new site at

Feb 27, 2001.

Added documentation for 3D plotting and changed de design of the pages.

Feb 11, 2001.

Added functions plot3D(), legend3D(), window3D() and label3D() for 3D plotting.
Documentation is being prepared.

Feb 01, 2001.

Improved look and feel of calculator applet by adding buttons with legends.

Jan 13, 2001.

Installed plug-in loading for subsystems. Fixed focus problems in UNIX and Linux. Fixed crash problem in IBM computers running Windows NT.

Jan 09, 2001.

Added debugging info to track crash in IBM Pentium 3 and focus problem in UNIX/Linux.

Jan 06, 2001.

Added "Loading..." message when calculator applet loads.

Dec 27, 2000.

Added options to Save, Open and Print.

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