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Screen shots

Calcugator 3.0

A view of the main window.

An input matrix utility.

If you type an 's', the input helper shows all functions that start with that letter.

If a match is found, a help info is displayed.

Modifying the display of decimal numbers.

Displaying a function of two variables.

A plot is sent to the notebook.

A print preview of a notebook.

Exporting a plot to common graphic formats.

An example session of working with logical functions.

An example session of working with linear algebra functions.

CavePaint 3.0

A view of the main window and the font dialog.

You can create custom dashes.

Importing images.

A library of filters are available to process images.

Text can be transformed into Bezier curves or images.

An example of creating diagrams.

An example of working with lighting filters.

An example of Bezier curves support.

Aligning objects and the print preview window.

Printing large images.

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