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Calcugator 3.0


The Calcugator is a program that works like a calculator, a plotting engine, and a programming environment.

As a calculator it excels in simplicity of use. It is equally suited for engineers or high school students or anybody that needs a power calculator. It offers many functions and operators to perform real, integer, rational, complex, boolean, statistical, vector, array and matrix computations. Both the input and output of the program are displayed on standard windows which can be further edited, saved, merged, print-previewed and printed.

As a plotting engine it allows rapid creation of 2D plots of functions as well as polar and parametric displays. It also allows creating 3D plots of functions, contour plots and 3D parametric displays. The Calcugator has also functions to create bar, pie, pareto and xy charts. All plots can be configured using the mouse (zooming, panning, selecting). Titles and labels are supported. However, the most useful characteristic is that all figures created by the Calcugator can be exported into popular file formats or pasted into an editable window.

As a programming environment it offers a computer language with identical syntax as that of Java/C/C++. However, the user does not need to compile his/her programs. The language is simple, compact and the error control is intelligent when displaying messages. The creation of user-defined functions is natural and mimics the syntax used by a teacher on the blackboard.

The Calcugator is not a Computer Algebra System (CAS), it was not designed to be such a tool. Hence, no arbitrary precision numbers and no major symbolic manipulation tools are implemented. Calcugator provides a basic symbolic differentiation toolkit but we have no plans for implementing general factorization nor symbolic integration.

Did you know that Calcugator functions cover 100% of the material taught in undergraduate Linear Algebra and Statistics courses in most of the American universities?

See screen shots.

CavePaint 3.0


CavePaint is a vector graphics program to create drawings. A library of objects allow the creation of rectangles, circles, arcs, ellipses, Bezier curves, lines, annotation text, geometric text, etc. Objects can further be modified changing colors, line thickness, backgrounds, shades, etc. All basic standard editing features are supported (background color, gradients, arrows, dashes, line thickness, textures, fonts, etc.).

Image support

CavePaint allows importing GIF, JPG and PNG pictures. Once imported, pictures can be processed by a suite of filters to change contrast, colors, transparency, lightning, distort, etc.

Any object you create can be transformed into a picture. Any picture or object can be exported to jpg, gif, png, and postscript formats. Large images can be printed into multiple pages.

Bezier curves

CavePaint support Bezier curves editing. Any object (text, rectangles, etc.) can be transformed into a Bezier curve.


The program supports two types of text: annotation and geometric. Annotation text does not distort due to rotations or changes of the page where it is located. Geometric text can distort.


You can create diagrams connected by rubber band connectors. Move a block and the connecting line moves with it.

And much more!

See screen shots.

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